RP ADC syncronizing

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RP ADC syncronizing

Post by orlovic94 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:51 am


I am beginner with RP STEM 125-14.
I have the next task: RP's ADC should periodically (every 10-100 us) sample high speed singal (up to 100 MHz) that is produced by external signal generator. Signal generator has an option of external and internal triggering.
- If I use external triggering for ADC (for example trigger from external signal generator) what would be the apparatus delay and jitter between time of getting external trigger to EXT TRIG pin and start time of sampling?
- If I use RP software triggering how can I output software trigger to start my signal generator?
- How can I use DAC output to make start of RP sampling and start of external signal generator strictly simultaneously or with determined constant delay?
- Are there any limitations on time parameters of triggering ADC's sampling? Can I trigger ADC every 1 us or every 100 us?

Thank you!

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