Fir filter as a decimation

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Fir filter as a decimation

Post by atif_javed » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:20 am

I am trying to implement Decimation on FPGA and Matlab
For this task i chose following design parameters

Filter type=window hamming hamming method
filter order=30
decimation factor=10
input sample rate=2Ms/s
output sample rate=200ks/s
Normalized cuttof =1/decimation factor

First i implement it on MATLAB and use this sequence

handle filter delay
Using above sequence i successfuly implement it on MATLAB

For FPGA i use fir compiler core in which i paste the same coefficients that is generated through matlab
But the problem i face is fir compiler core directly gives you the decimated output without handling fitler delay
so what should i do if want to handle this filter delay in xilinx

Fir compiler core sequence

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