Impedance analyzer with the LCR board extension

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Impedance analyzer with the LCR board extension

Post by Mennem » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:32 pm

Hi guys,
I try the configuration of the impedance analyzer with the LCR meter extension board. The results for 60pF capacitor measurement (step : 100 , min frequency : 10KHz, max frequency : 6MHz ) is attached in the creen picture
is there someone to tell as what hapens between 1 and 2 MHz? Why the curve falls from 57pF to 38pF?
This experience was reconduced and I have the same result.
I try to measure the capacitor with a HIOKI 3632 LCR meter and this curve falls is the result of the Redpitaya measurement only.

A second question : there is like an over estimation of the capacitor and the phases. How can we calibrate the device ? I think that a phase can't be over -90° (négative résistor).

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