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Replacing Zynq7010 with Zynq7020 on a STEM 125-14 board

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:34 am
by blevlab

We have a broken STEM 125-14 board, which we believe is due to broken programming logic on the FPGA chip. We would like to try fixing the board by replacing the FPGA. In the mean time, it would be great if we can also upgrade the FPGA to have more logic and DSP slices.

Judging from the schematics for STEM 125-14 and SDR 122.88-16, it should be possible to just replace the Zynq 7010 chip with Zynq 7020. Has anyone tried this before? Any suggestions (or warnings)?

On a side note, we would really appreciate if there could be a DC coupled version of 122.88-16. The larger FPGA would give us more wiggle room.