STEMlab 122.88-16 and STEMlab 125-14 comparision

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STEMlab 122.88-16 and STEMlab 125-14 comparision

Post by Amp1202 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:34 am

I was wondering, if the STEMlab 122.88-16 provides the same support for the bode diagrams, MATlab and oscilloscope as the STEMlab 125-14. I only saw the description for these diagrams for STEMlab 125-14 and not for the STEMlab 122.88-16.

I would prefer a 16 bit ADC, but the bode diagram is mandatory for me.

Kind regards.

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Re: STEMlab 122.88-16 and STEMlab 125-14 comparision

Post by redpitaya » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:26 am

Hello and thank you for posting!
Here is some information that might help: STEMlab boards comparison ... comparison
One important thing to keep in mind is because the 16Bit board was designed specially for SDR and it doesn't have DC coupling the starting frequency is not that low, from 300kHz and up.

At this time the 16bit board has web applications for:
Logic analyser
SDR transceiver
Streaming app
Bode Analyser
LCR meter
Spectrum analyser
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