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Redpitaya External trigger from GPIO

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:50 pm
by frank841220
Hello, Dear All
I'm very very new as an FPGA beginner!! (self-learning about a month till now)

I would like to use Redpitaya Stemlab125-14 FPGA board to acquire signal synchronizes with an external trigger source simultaneously very fast.

I was following this tutorial Project 5 by Anton Potočnik.
Says in the Trigger Hierarchy section in the post, and confused with this little problem for several days.

How can I use an external trigger source from the other FPGA such as DE0-nano by exp_# io ports,
It didn’t seem like just easily connect the exp_tri_io port direct to the trig port of Averager IP

because I always get infinite digital 1 signal(always keep triggering ON) if I connect to the trig port, not responding to my 0 ~ 3.3V trigger source from DE0-nano, it seems like the GPIO0 is getting used as a configs register?? I've been re-write the averager IP block's Verilog for few weeks and it works very well, but just not synchronizes the external trigger I gave. :cry: :cry:

THANKS to replying to me!!

Re: Redpitaya External trigger from GPIO

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 1:07 pm
by redpitaya
Hi Frank,
Thank you for posting!

We have external trigger already in our design that is used by oscilloscope app and that FPGA image is also available on our github, so I would recommend to look there: ... nnector-e1