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Increase RF-output to +/- 5V

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:29 am
by ThirdClassToaster
Hello, I have the following question.

Is it possible to increase the output voltage of the RF outputs of the STEMlab board (e.g. STEMlab 125-14) from +/-1V (2V peak-to-peak) to +/-5V (10V peak-to-peak) by software ?
If not, would there be a circuitry measure that could be connected directly to the output to achieve this goal, e.g. a suitable amplifier add-on board that also has RF inputs and outputs with suitable SMA sockets ?

I need a symmetrical output voltage of +/-5V (full AC no DC) to supply an amplifier output stage, which amplifies the low-frequency measurement signal to the actual level of +/-40V.

Friendly greetings.