Air Gap under heat sink

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Air Gap under heat sink

Post by ghf » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:48 pm

I've got my RP just before the end of 2017. When mounting
a fan I noticed that the heat sink is nearly unconnected to anything.
My board has an Analog Devices DAC that is the highest chip,
so the heat sink touches just one corner of the Zync and one
corner of the DAC, creating an air gap. Even the thermal grease
just covers maybe 15% of the CPU.

I have used a square centimeter of fiber filled silicone pad
for mounting power transistors as a filler. Al2O3 pads
should work, also.

So, if your CPU runs hotter than expected, you know what to
look for.

regards, Gerhard, DK4XP

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