which 16 bit ADC in 122-16 ?

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which 16 bit ADC in 122-16 ?

Post by glenenglish » Fri Jul 23, 2021 11:09 am

What is the ADC used in the 122-16 ?
What is the DAC used on the 122-16 ?

Do RP publish Vivado constraint files for the board ?


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Re: which 16 bit ADC in 122-16 ?

Post by bma » Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:01 pm

Hi Glen,

The ADC/DAC are now listed at the bottom of each board webpage.
For the RP122-16:
ADC: https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltc2185.html
DAC: https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad9767.html

You can find constraint files and IP for ADC+DAC for rp112-16, rp125-14 and 250-12 redpitaya here:
https://github.com/oscimp/fpga_ip/tree/ ... converters


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