Somewhat surpised...

Just about everything about Red Pitaya
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Somewhat surpised...

Post by JabbaTheCat » Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:51 pm

I'm somewhat surprised that Redpitaya launch their interesting product with the noble intent of Open Source software and then end up selling the hardware solely through RS, a company known for over pricing just about every product under the sun.

Here in the UK the final price of your product comes out at $594, which is a somewhat over the top pricepoint, to say the least, for a product in this class.

When are we going to see price competition from multiple outlet sources, we are after all in the age of the internet and direct national trade competition...

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Re: Somewhat surpised...

Post by BrandonKinman » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:21 pm

Hi Jabba!
I'd like to hear about some other devices that you consider to be in this class. I'm not arguing with you... But I myself have not seen many other devices with this type of acquisition capability that also run embedded Linux. At least not for under $1k


john k2ox
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Re: Somewhat surpised...

Post by john k2ox » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:00 pm

I feel like I was deceived by the offering. I expected open source meant that, everything was up front, open. Nope within days of receiving it I read they already dumped the responsibility to a commodity parts seller . So much for the nice videos. What has RS done for RP? Where are the schematics?

It's my feeling that the creators needed a platform to create products for their business and used community sponsorship to fund it. I'm not against that, but be truthful about your intentions.

I bought it to experiment with the hardware/software. To make it better, to do more things.

What really bothers me is that they appear to have left us on our own before we got a chance to learn to walk. I don't see any activity anywhere on the net wrt to Red Pitaya. They did do a great job promoting it to raise funds.

There are several mistakes on the Wiki that wastes the time of anyone trying to follow it. Unfortunately, there is now one around that can update it.

At the rate it's moving forward, I'm afraid it may disappear. :(

Still Hoping,

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