Raspberry Pi and Red Pitaya Data Transfer

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Raspberry Pi and Red Pitaya Data Transfer

Post by bryan.hayes » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:07 pm

Hey all,

I'm currently building an instrument that uses the Red Pitaya as a multi-channel analyzer. For this to work correctly, I need to have a Raspberry Pi integrated into the process. The two things I need to happen are:

1) Have files be sent from Red Pitaya to Raspberry Pi

2) Have the Raspberry Pi (with accurate RTC) periodically update the time on the Red Pitaya

The issue I am having is that I can't find any resources on how to have the two boards "talk". I've been able to use programs like minicom to access the Red Pitaya from the Raspberry Pi, but what I need is a way for data to transfer between the two autonomously. The instrument will be taking data for several hours to days at a time without connection to a computer.

Any help is appreciated! :D


PS: I know you can put a RTC on the Red Pitaya, but my boss refuses to let us put a solder on the board. Plus we want the Raspberry Pi to do other things so might as well use it if it's there.

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