regarding impedance analyzer

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regarding impedance analyzer

Post by nitin.ingle » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:29 pm

1. Does the stemlab ultimate kit includes kelvin probe for lcr or impedance
2. can i used 20Mhz max freq
3. What impedance range can i measure
4. Can i interface redpitaya with android devices, can i develop impedance
analyzer app for android
5. Is it compulsory to use marketplace app for impedance analyzer? can i
built own analyzer application using windows programming/labview/matlab.
6. Does this impedance analyzer requires any futher circuits and
arrangements for lower and higher ranges of frequencies and impedances.
7. From where can i buy this? I am from india

I am developing impedance spectroscopy for material characterization.
Thank you

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Re: regarding impedance analyzer

Post by amike88 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:16 pm

  1. Take a look at Red Pitaya page to see what is included in the ultimate kit.
  2. For technical specifications read this part of their documentation.
  3. I see no reason you could not connect it to an android device. At the moment you can access all the apps on Red Pitaya from any device that supports an internet browser.
  4. Sure you can write your own applications.
  5. You can buy directly from their website. It is the same link I gave you above.

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Re: regarding impedance analyzer

Post by FrankMuenzner » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:23 pm

Hello nitin,
1. in the ultimate kit are kelvin clams included.
2. as said go to technical specification table, but for frequeny it isnt coorect the imedance analyser is usable at more than 100Khz, but the question is how is the impedancy curve of LCR meter extension module. Try to find someone which used it at 20MHz - i used to 4 Mhz and can see clear influences - but at this time i'm not sure if this is caused by lcr extension Module or the connectzed hardware.
also me is no way known of doing calibration like classical impedance analyser.
3. as said go to technical specification table....
4. not tested by me
5. if you want to use it in labview, in my application the connection is done over ssl - with plink commando toll from putty.
or you can use the libs from labvolution for it.
I have used the labvolution tools - but if your redpitaya crashesd and didnt respond your labview app will also crash because the ssl driver bring some critical execution error.
If you want you can get the vi for getting values over SSL in Labview from me.
I try to do impedace spectroscopy with the redpitaya, but at this time my system is instable and not calibrated.....
6. depends on your requirements.....

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Re: regarding impedance analyzer

Post by nitin.ingle » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:05 am

Thanks for reply
As datasheet indicates maximum 100KHz selectable frequency for lcr meter.
Does this lcr meter helps me to use or design impedance analyzer for 20MHz.

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