Fried SD card

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Fried SD card

Post by kasaudio » Thu Nov 26, 2020 1:06 am

Yesterday I had a strange incident with one of my redpitayas. Redpitaya was installed in my prototype device for soil deformation characteristic measurement. At some point, redpitaya failed to boot several times with no luck.

On power on all leds were down, except the yellow led was weakly flickering. As I touched the SD card socket, it was pretty hot. The surface of the SD card has slight signs of heat. Fortunately RP survived the event with no visible damage and works ok with the new SD card.

Anyone experienced anything like this also?

Related facts:

- 16GB SD card vendored from Kingston (maybe 3 years old)
- SD card fails to work with PC also
- RP powered through USB port
- 25mm fan is installed on the heatsink and powered from RP
- RP is attached to my "shield" via the two 26 pin extension connectors
- RP powers some I2C periheral chips, bluetooth module (LM961) and indicator LEDs. Total current <50 mA.
- I checked the 5V supply line and noticed fluctuations of ~100mV. 3.3V line is perfectly clean. The reason for 100mV fluctuation are short ultrasonic high voltage pulses (<0.5us, 500V) clamped to the 5V supply/ground via resistor and schottky diodes. This protects RP ADC input. Pulses are clipped to 7V p-p and that fullfils the 20V max. specification
- Alpine linux from Pavel Demin
- Everything worked 2 months with no issue

BR, kasaudio

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Re: Fried SD card

Post by redpitaya » Thu Mar 18, 2021 11:06 am

This is not a common issue and I can assume it related to the card at this point.
I recommend you to contact our support. Is the SD card is purchased from us? and the unit is still in warranty.

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