Magnitude and phase measurement

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Re: Magnitude and phase measurement

Post by pavel » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:04 am

Hi Albert,
I need a really fast measurements.
What in your opinion should be optimized to accelerate the measurements?

There is a program called Ham VNA that also can be used with Red Pitaya:

Recently, I've updated the SDR/HPSDR bazaar application to make it compatible with Ham VNA. From what I've seen, Ham VNA works quite fast.



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Re: Magnitude and phase measurement

Post by fisafisa » Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:00 am

PLease share.
I am interested in developing a RLC meter for my lab.

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Re: Magnitude and phase measurement

Post by albert.ruiz » Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:46 am

Hi Pavel,

What I need is to do the signal processing in the fpga and send the value of the calculations. What I am doing now is injecting a sine wave of 1V to the DUT or tissue. Then, with he two oscilloscopes I measure current and voltage. I acquire 2 cycles, then I send the data to the computer (with Matlab or LabView) and do the signal processing to get the impedance. Just the fact that reading the buffers the two cycles it takes a while.

For example, yesterday I was running some experiments recording impedance of a tissue continuously. I was measuring impedance at 1kHz with the same protocol.. injecting current and measuring voltage and current and then send both signals to the laptop and do all the processing and plotting in LabView. Well, doing these measurements in this way... I was reading a 3 samples per second... which is 3Hz when I am measuring impedance at 1kHz. So, I am losing speed sending the two cycles. I guess instead of sending the signals if I could do the operations in the RedPitaya I will be able to increase the speed. As it is not the same sending two cycles of two signals than sending a few values of impedance.

i know there is the application for measuring gain and phase... but I do not know how to compile and embed this to my RP.

Does it make more sense this?


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