Some thoughts of a n00b

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Some thoughts of a n00b

Post by hezik » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:06 am

First off, I'm really happy with my Red Pitaya! I'm an electronics enthousiast and was looking for a simple scope, but with the pitaya I have all the tools I need without filling my workbench with clunky old school devices. So thumbs up for that!

Then.. some ideas:

1) include 4 BNC adapters in stead of 2. I really don't understand why it comes with 2 as default, those things aren't that expensive.
2) ditch the network manager and just use ubuntu's networking tools to setup wifi. I don't have 'your dongle' but ubuntu works with it just fine. I set it up over SSH following the normal ubuntu documentation. I really don't see why you would want to re-invent the wheel on this. That, or just include wifi on the board
3) ditch the micro-SD. SD's suck. They break down. Some solid state memory for the OS would be nice.
4) make the appearance of for instance the scope more configurable. As Dave Jones of EEVBlog already sais; the UI is badly designed where there is enough room on the screen to show at least all of the basic controls (ie channel on/of etc)
5) include a display port for an SPI driven matrix LCD as main screen

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