data structure via scpi

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data structure via scpi

Post by aschuetz » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:40 am

Dear all,

I'm using a python class to acquire data via scpi which is working fine. But I have a general question about the data structure. I use numpy arrays to store and work with the data. In the screenshot we have 4 columns with a speakline. Until now I just the first column because I did not understand the content from the others. I measured a current (ch1) and a TTL signal which was used to trigger the signal (ch2). In the sparkline is can be seen that the data is a combination of both.

My question is about the general data structure. Are the 4 columns 4 independent measurements or is this related to the circular buffer?

I thought that the RP gives me an array with the size of 16384 for each channel and each "readout". But this seems to be wrong.

Thanks in advance,
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