Triggered Signal Capture

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Triggered Signal Capture

Post by rvinayak » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:29 pm


I’m trying to capture a pulsed wave (signal) using a trigger.

However for some reason the capture starts as soon as I run this code and not when the trigger should activate.

Could you please help and advise?

The output graph is attached.

The python code I use for this is below:

rp_s = scpi.scpi(sys.argv[1])
rp_s.tx_txt('ACQ:DEC 1')
rp_s.tx_txt('ACQ:TRIG:LEV 400')
rp_s.tx_txt('ACQ:TRIG:DLY 0')
rp_s.tx_txt('ACQ:TRIG CH1_PE')

while 1:
if rp_s.rx_txt() == 'TD':

# get Voltage Data. assuming volatage on source1
voltage_buff_string = rp_s.rx_txt()
voltage_buff_string = voltage_buff_string.strip(
'{}\n\r').replace(" ", "").split(',')
voltage_buff = list(map(float, voltage_buff_string))
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