"Bare Metal" programming on Red-Pitaya

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"Bare Metal" programming on Red-Pitaya

Post by ThirdClassToaster » Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:37 pm

Hi, i had the following question.

The Red Pitaya has 2 interfaces that would technically be able to program the
Red Pitaya with Vivado "bare metal", i.e. without the inserted SD card with the Red Pitaya
operating system.
1) A micro USB socket with an FTDI chip behind it (named CON) on the back of the
2) A JTAG interface (pin header named JTAG) on the front side.

Is it possible to program the Red-Pitaya or the Zynq-SoC, i.e. both the PS and
the PL part, via one or even both of these interfaces "bare metal", or not ?

If it is possible, is there a cable that is officially or unofficially supported
and in any case works in combination with one of these two interfaces on the
Red-Pitaya ?

Best Regards

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Re: "Bare Metal" programming on Red-Pitaya

Post by seba_jor » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:52 pm

Hi, indeed you could program the red pitaya in a bare metal way.
I had used the Platform Cable USB II of xilinx and dont have any problems to upload bit files to the fpga and elf files to the arm cores using the xmd command line. Also I could run some other features like the ILA core in vivado.

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